A touch of class

For a long time, I wanted to remind people that life is very short and Wonderful. Open and close your eye and , we are gone. Above and Below are some Links that I find inspiring and rich for everyone, knowledge is power and I would love you to get intoxicate with it. Enjoy.

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So are we living in a simulation?


Are we real? How do we know if we really exist or whether we could be living in a computer simulation, somewhat like The Matrix? The simulation argument puts forward the view that we are almost definitely living in a computer simulation. Looking at our own world, we already see scientists modelling life and the world on computers. We have gamers controlling their avatars on The Sims. The upcoming game Spore takes it one step further. And cloning and genetic modification are slowly becoming more accepted. We're already playing god. When computers be sufficiently powerful, we'll still be playing god. Read More.


The Queensland Police Santos Deal



A sponsorship deal between the Queensland Police Service and the oil and gas giant Santos has some conservationists seeing red. "Advertising a company like Santos, which is a big coal seam gas company in Queensland, on the side of vehicles of the police whose job it is to enforce the law - including I might add against protestors who don't like coal seam gas - is a really bad idea; Read More.


Hannah Witheridge and David Miller


Two Burmese men have been found guilty of murdering a pair of British tourists found dead on a beach in Thailand last year.

The bodies of backpackers Hannah Witheridge, 23, and 24-year-old David Miller, were discovered on Koh Tao island, a popular beauty spot, in September 2014. They had been bludgeoned to death with a blunt object, thought to be a garden hoe. Witheridge had also been raped during the attack.

Two workers from a nearby bar, both migrants from Myanmar, were arrested and charged with the murders. DNA recovered from the scene matched that of Zaw Lin and Wai Phyo, prosecutors claimed, although the defence argued that DNA from the alleged murder weapon did not match either of the accused.Read More

Is the Internet Filter Australia's Berlin Wall.


The internet is, on the whole, a marvelous advance of not only information but also of freedom and of ideas, and of ideas of liberty … we’ve got to just be careful … because if one government, our government, begins to intervene in this, there’ll be other governments that just want to get into it to control the freedom of ideas … ideas which will break down the Berlin Walls of the future. There are plenty of web sites offering perspectives and ideas, history and analysis on this controversial subject. Read More.



Colonise space or face extinction.



Stephen Hawking has warned that unless the human race colonises space within the next two centuries it will disappear forever. The famous astrophysicist says that our only chance for long-term survival is to move away from Earth and begin to inhabit new planets. In an interview with website Big Think, Hawking said he was an ‘optimist’ but the next few hundred years had to be negotiated carefully if the human race is to survive. He said: ‘I see great danger for the human race. There have been a number of times in the past when survival has been a question of touch and go. Read More.



The Price of a Child


What happens when a place is left to become an unchecked prostitution economy?  An estimated 12,000 prostituted women, often under the age of 18, are effectively raped everyday for £1. Sonagachi is an area located in India. Narrow alleys, enclosed by towering, decayed brothels and bright market stalls form together in a confusing, colourful maze. This is the home of Asia’s second largest red-light district; Read more.



Has Sydney Airport improved?


After three years and $500 million, the Sydney International Airport's new renovations may just put it among the world's best departure points. Handling about 45 per cent of the country's international travellers, the airport wants holidays to now start after check-in through new additions to fashion, food and entertainment. With the next lot of results due out next year, only time will tell if half a billion dollars has turned the country's worst airport into travellers' little slice of heaven. Read More.


The Distraction System.


It’s also about the tendency of society to turn naturally focused people into chronically distracted automatons. “Normal society” regards focused people as a threat, as they ask too many awkward questions (ie real questions – the kind we’re not supposed to ask). To avoid these questions, society distracts everybody with a frenzy of competitive activity, jobs, TV/media opinions, advertising, celebrity trivia, scandals, etc. This frenzied distraction begins outside, but it soon becomes internalized and self-reinforcing. So after a busy, distracting day, we pursue more distraction (eg TV, shopping or talking) rather than enter a focused state. Eventually our own minds become the source of distraction.  Distraction is the social norm and anyone who doesn’t join in is regarded as antisocial or suspicious. Read More.


Brain-cancer warnings on mobile phones.


A top Australian neurosurgeon says the world's heavy reliance on mobile phones could be a greater threat to human health than smoking and even asbestos. Radiation from mobile phones increased the risk of brain cancer, especially for those under 18, and some opinions were reinforced by a 2006 study by the Swedish National Institute for Working Life showing a correlation between brain tumors and heavy mobile phone use. People are concerned, there are practical steps that could reduce exposure including using a hands-free kit or loudspeaker, text messages and limiting the length or number of calls.In Australia there are more than 22 million mobile phones.