The best chefs in the world

Los mejores cocineros del mundo
Joan Roca, Arzak, Andoni Luis Aduriz and Ferran Adria, four Spanish among the ten best chefs in the world.


Not only feed: challenge to discover new flavors, textures, aspects.According to the most prestigious list are the chefs of the ten best restaurants in the world. And, yes, four are in Spain

Not only do the best cuisine in the world, moreover, above all, create new paths.The magazine Restaurant prepares a list of the top ten restaurants in the world: the redoubt, but inviolable public, of the ten best chefs in the world.Although El Bulli has been lowered one notch, Spanish remains the most important kitchen with four of the ten elected. One of them, ultimately, explains why.

1 René Redzepi - Noma (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Within six years (it opened in 2003), the twenty tables in his restaurant have become the most quoted in the world. His prescription: the simple, authentic, Nordic. Fish, shellfish, wild plants, berries and cook 'sustainable'. Scandinavian Nature, brava, at the plate.

2 Ferran Adria - El Bulli (Girona, Spain)

When he announced that El Bulli closed until 2014 it was as if Messi said he left football. But the restaurant only takes a breather. To reinvent itself. For, when re-opens, transporting palates go to another dimension.

3 H. Blumenthal - The Fat Duck (UK)

Snail porridge and bacon ice cream. A joke? No: the best English restaurant. In front, Heston Blumenthal, champion of the so-called molecular gastronomy. "A self-made man" who, in interviews, even had to say outright: "I'm not crazy."

4 Joan Roca - Can Roca (Girona, Spain)

Three brothers (Joan, Josep and Jordi), three Michelin stars (from 2010) and the fourth-best restaurant. Welcome, they say, 'a working class neighborhood and a restaurant that began modestly "combine tradition, modernity and admired wines.

5 Andoni Luis Aduriz - Mugaritz (Rentería, Spain)

It is known abroad as the quiet man of the New Spanish Cuisine: must be talking about anything ... less cooking. The passion and deep love for his profession pepper each of his words.

6 Massimo Bottura 6 - Osteria Franciscan (Modena, Italy)

There is life beyond the pasta or pizza: Bottura reinvents colors and shapes to make artwork dishes. But innovation in traditional Italian stove is not easy despite its two-star Michelin chef is attacked by the press and countrymen.

7 Grant Achatz - Paragraph (Chicago, EE UU)

Another thirties, another molecular chef, another genius. They claim their partners: "We will die and kill for their vision." In 2007 he was diagnosed with mouth cancer he did fear for your palate: luckily, he, his language and the cuisine were recovered intact.

8 Daniel Boulud - Daniel (New York, USA)

This smiling U.S. has filled French restaurant with his name, although the most celebrated is in New York. The best values of the culinary tradition, reinterpreted the American way. Boulud, thanks to television programs and charitable causes, is also a media phenomenon.

9 Juan Mari Arzak - Arzak (San Sebastian, Spain)

Son and grandson of cooks, put Spain in the S. XX cooking time, along with Pedro Subijana, introduced the Revolution (gastronomic) New French Basque cuisine.34 years later, it removes the apron: "Why retire if it is from the seventies when one else knows about it?".

10 Thomas Keller - Per se (New York, USA)

No: Keller, who created the site (one of six U.S. restaurants with three Michelin stars), Central Park and not see from her kitchen. Years pass, and the chefs: for months, takes the reins of Eli Kaimeh. California cuisine at the antipodes of the molecular.